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Four Gray Buildings

Virtual Suites & Kingdom Portal Design Plan

Welcome to Revival Life International's foundational virtual building, the RLife Kingdom Portal, this central hub is designed to connect our community to all our digital resources, providing easy access to RLconnectHub, RLConnectSocial, RLengageSpace, and RLKingdom Outfitters Store.

Our virtual design plan is intentionally built and curated virtual buildings or structures as consciously as any physical space. We recognize that virtual space is just as important when it comes to building a Kingdom for like-minded believers. 


The intuitive design ensures seamless navigation through our virtual venue. Additionally, the Portal's design serves as an interactive gateway for our members, enabling them to access valuable information about our Revival mission while equipping them to build the Kingdom of God.

4 Virtual Buildings 

Kingdom Building framework 

Revival Life International's commitment to building a Kingdom framework through virtual buildings and structures is both innovative and grounded in Kingdom principles and values. We understand that the goal of building a community is to expand the Kingdom and promote positive change in the world. Our efforts toward building this framework are proof of their unwavering commitment to this mission.


The Holy Spirit is an omnipresent and omnipotent force that transcends physical boundaries and limitations. The Holy Spirit is not constrained to a single building, space, or place, but instead moves freely and without any obstacles or constrictions throughout the world. Thus, the Holy Spirit moves through virtual spaces just as easily as physical ones, making these places ideal for hosting the Spirit of the living Father. In virtual space, the barriers between individuals that limit congregation in physical locations are removed, allowing believers to come together from all over the world and join in fellowship while increasing accessibility to spiritual tools and resources for life. 


The  framework of virtual buildings and structures created by Revival Life International is a model for Kingdom Building in the digital age. It is an innovative approach that examines how we can use virtual spaces to build communities that are inclusive, supportive and encouraging. By breaking through geographic limitations, Revival Life International has demonstrated how virtual space can be just as meaningful as physical spaces in creating a vibrant and supportive community for Kingdom Building.

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