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A strong marriage is the foundation of a strong community. Pastor Ronnell and Dr. LaDrea Ingram are dedicated to helping couples build enduring, Kingdom-focused partnerships. Through this book, the Prophetic Playbook, and their work at the Ingram Kingdom Industrial Complex, they offer spiritual and practical tools to empower your marriage journey.

Join the movement and create a relationship that stands the test of time! 🏰💍

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Official Release August 30th

Welcome to

the world of Revival Life International

where constructing virtual buildings or structures paves the way for Kingdom Building. Our innovative approach puts us at the forefront of Kingdom Building, delivering cutting-edge strategies to inspire, educate, and build the Kingdom of God.


RevivaL Virtual Building 

The Revival Life virtual building is designed to be a transformative experience for those seeking deeper connection with God and his mission. Through our engaging platform, community members have access to resources and experiences that would otherwise not be available in physical spaces.

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