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Ronnell L. Ingram Sr. 

Pastor Ronnell Ingram Sr. is the Visionary and Executive Pastor of Revival Life International. With a deep love for God, he embraces his Kingdom Assignment to teach, train, and mentor through modeling and demonstration. He is passionate about building strong communities by building strong families. 


Ronnell's mission is to cultivate a generation of fathers who leave a legacy and establish Kingdom cycles across generations. Alongside his passion for ministry, he has an entrepreneurial spirit as the Founder/CEO of RL Legacy Builders, LLC, and Co-Founder/CEO of ProjectiGive, Inc., aligning with his vision to transform economic systems through entrepreneurship.


Ronnell holds a B.A. in Graphic Design and Advertising from Seton Hall University and is finishing his graduate work in Strategic Leadership at Liberty University. 


Dr. LaDrea R. Ingram 

Co - Pastor

Dr. LaDrea Ingram is the Co-Visionary and Pastor of Revival Life International. Dr. Ingram is a passionate worshiper and spiritual midwife. In both her Kingdom assignment and natural work as a social behavioral scientist, she works towards bringing healing and restoration to the broken. Dr. Ingram believes true worship unlocks heaven on earth so that healing and restoration can fall upon the broken. Dr. Ingram is gifted in prophetic worship and flows under the direction of the holy spirit. 

In addition to her Kingdom assignment, Dr. Ingram is an esteemed professional in the field of social behavioral science. She holds a position as Research Faculty at Yale University, where she actively builds culturally responsive behavioral health interventions that address intergenerational trauma. 


Dr. Ingram's passion for ministry, research, and creating transformative spaces led her to establish the LaDream Institute, a School of Ministry and Gathering Space, which serves as a hub for spiritual growth and community engagement. Furthermore, alongside her husband Ronnell, she co-leads ProjectiGive, a venture dedicated to community building.

With her extensive expertise as a dually licensed clinician in mental health counseling and addiction, Dr. Ingram brings healing and support to individuals facing challenges. Her qualifications as a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor (CADC) further enhance her ability to provide comprehensive care.

Dr. Ingram's remarkable contributions extend beyond academia and into practical initiatives that empower and uplift communities. Through her research, ministry, and entrepreneurial endeavors, she remains committed to transforming lives through Kingdom Building.

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