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Connect Hub

RLconnectHub is our digital venue for virtual convenings and gatherings of believers. This virtual building is open and user-friendly design is built around bringing believers together from all over the world for worship, teachings, and fellowship. Our weekly focus groups are held in the RLconnectHub. This Hub facilitates a more intimate space that is curated for community and relationship building. 

FOCUS (1).png

FOCUS (Focused, Obedient, Committed, United, Submitted)


Each focus group meets once a month and is designed to offer participants a supportive and encouraging community that will empower them to grow and thrive in their spiritual walk. Monthly and quarterly gatherings bring all members of the focus groups together to celebrate and connect with one another.


Through FOC-US, our team-based ministry approach emphasizes the importance of supporting one another toward greater spiritual fulfillment and Kingdom investment. Our creation story underpins our belief in collaborative spirit and creativity, as members of the Body of Christ.

Groups TIMES

Praying Hands
  1. FOCUS Men: Revive Him Community (3rd Tuesday, 7:00 pm)

  2. FOCUS Women: Revive Her Community (3rd Tuesday, 7:00 pm)

  3. FOCUS Youth:  NextGen Ignite Community (1st Tuesday, 7:00 pm)

  4. FOCUS Marriage and Family: Family Firestarters Community (2nd and 4th Tuesday- 7:00 pm)

  5. FOCUS College: Campus Collective Community (Coming soon)

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