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Unlock the Secrets to a Spiritually Fit Marriage

In the landscape of modern relationships, where external pressures and internal conflicts often derail marital harmony, Prophetic Playbook emerges as a beacon of hope and transformation. Authored by Pastor Ronnell and Dr. LaDrea Ingram, this book leverages their athletic discipline and spiritual acuity to guide couples through a robust training regimen for their marriage.


Through a series of engaging "Prophetic Power Plays," the book serves as an intensive coaching session, meticulously designed to enhance spiritual endurance, mental resilience, and foster a prophetic dialogue within the marital relationship. Tackling the pervasive issue of "spiritual obesity," the Ingrams deliver a potent combination of biblical wisdom and actionable exercises aimed at revitalizing modern marriages.

Prophetic Strength & Conditioning for Marriages Playbook

Expected to Ship After Release Date August 30, 2024
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