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Kingdom Outfitters

Is a virtual store where our members can purchase Christian apparel, accessories, and other merchandise that reflects our mission to spread the gospel in style. Its modern design showcases our inventory, making it easy to browse and purchase items. (Coming SOON)

Clothed InTruth Apparel 

Being clothed in truth is returning us back to God's original intention for man. In the book of Genesis, when God asks Adam and Eve who told them they were naked, God highlights the introduction of the knowledge of deception and lies into their lives. To be clothed in truth represents being covered in the Word of God, allowing it to guide our thoughts, actions, and beliefs.


When we are clothed in truth, it serves as a reminder for us to live as walking demonstrations of God's Word. It prompts us to align our lives with His teachings, exhibiting integrity, honesty, and righteousness in all that we do.


Being clothed in truth enables us to spread the message of the gospel of the Kingdom of God. As we embody the truth of God's Word, our lives become a testimony that draws others towards Him. We become vessels through which His love, grace, and salvation can be shared with those around us.


Stay tuned as we seek to provide a virtual space for Kingdom citizens to serve as living examples of God's truth and be passionate about sharing this message with others.

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